Verticality TGS is the first and only downhill Zorbing park in the Middle East featuring Gyro and Hydro Zorbing rides in premium EU made Zorb balls

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Zorbing Explained

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Zorbing OverviewZorbing is an extreme sport that involves riding inside a plastic ball and rolling downhill on slope. This adventure sport craze started in 70s and early 80s and exploded in popularity when it was rebranded and commercially produced in New Zealand, where the first Zorb park in Auckland, was created in 1994.

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zorbing for kids

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page1_img3Our hydro ride is super fun and safe for Kids of all ages. Up to 3 children are allowed to ride together in our Hydro Zorb ball. For their safety, children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

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Connect with us

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We only use premium extreme sport gear that is fully made in the European Union. Our Zorb balls are made of 1mm thick Thermoplastic Polyurethane from BASF in Germany, our 5-buckle harness system is manufactured by SCHROTH Safety Products GmbH in Germany, and are certified by TÜV Süd, European Standard EN 13814:2005 Amusement Ride Safety Standard (FOREIGN STANDARD).
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” btn_text=”more” target=”_self” custom_class=”extrabanner_1″] [/lazy_load_box] [/span3] [span3] [lazy_load_box effect=”slidefromright” speed=”550″ delay=”200″] [banner img=”https://thegreatslope.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/other-activities.jpg” banner_link=”https://thegreatslope.com/home-blocks/other-activities/” title=”Other Activities” text=”We’re constantly thinking of new and exciting rides to add to the first downhill Zorbing park in Egypt and the Middle East. Stay tuned for more activities for all ages coming soon to Verticality TGS at The Field Sports Community Club in Maadi.

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Zorbing Safety Information

Zorbing is an extreme sport, and while we take every precautionary measure to ensure a safe environment, you are participating at your own risk. Guests with certain medical conditions are prohibited from riding including but not limited to recent surgery, heart conditions or high blood pressure, neck trouble, back trouble, pregnant mothers, any physical or medical conditions that may be aggravated by these rides.

Each Zorbing ride requires certain weight and height conditions, you will be weighed by our staff before you ride. If you do not meet the height and weight requirements, you may be denied from riding and your money will be refunded. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who we decide may be at an additional risk of injury.

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Zorbing at The Field

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Verticality TGS downhill Zorbing park is ideally located within The Field Sports Community Club in the heart of Maadi. The Field Sports Community Club is an 8-hectare outdoor sports complex and in addition to Egypt’s first Zorbing park, it also features the only baseball court in Egypt, a FIFA requirements Football field, Power Ride Sports indoor bikes, Dragon Island kids area and Zip Line, as well as a restaurant and cafe. The sports facility offers a large onsite parking lot, shower, locker, and washroom facilities and is the ideal hangout spot in Maadi.

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